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It's not complicated.

I love you Tim, but not as much as I love my girlfriend, my soon to be ex-husband and our daughter.

(39) Full Circle

Dear Fisherman, I had decided that this was to be my last blog post and so it has taken a long while to start. When I began the...

(38) Furious Dancing

Dear Achilles Heel, I am so angry with you. I have been angry with you for a few years... Six years ago, the best way to finish a school...

(37) Bare Fruit

Dear Tesco Delivery People, Thank you! Thank you for continuing to bring me most of what I put on our shopping list. Thank you for...

(36) Finding Hope

Dear Brain, Stupid, frustrating, irrational, fragile, human brain. It turns out to be true what they say about needing to give any...

(35) MI5 Clive (The Squirrel Has Landed)

Dear James Bond (the Daniel Craig one, probably), Tell me how you do it. How do you manage to lead your double life without anybody...

(34) An Unexpected Goodbye

Dear Margaret, This was to be the third of the August snippets, in which I would explain my piano piece for you. Life, however, or death,...

(33) Where Is Alex Mair?

Dear Tim, I don't imagine for one moment that you do know where Alex Mair is. (Or care, let's be honest.) I don't know how well you've...

(32) - Dear Tim

You have no idea how much I am looking forward to this. The other 3058 fans in the Edinburgh Playhouse will be very happy to be there....

(31) Stick That In Your Pipe

Before starting it, I would have predicted that I would be happy for my Snippet Challenge to be at an end. With so much time spent...

(30) - Snippet Challenge

I find it absurdly difficult to try to compose a sentence on a small iPhone with an adult finger. Two sentences together bring about too...

(29) Lost Path

Sometimes I make lists in my head while I run. Sometimes I think of new tunes. The lists are far more likely to be remembered than the...

(28) Needlework

I wish that I could crochet. This beautiful girl is wearing and holding something crocheted by her dad. Isn't that somehow perfect? I...

(27) Suck It Up, Buttercup

I have a new favourite phrase, which seems to require a southern American drawl. I can't beat about the bush with a whole paragraph about...

(26) Passing Places

We took the kitten over the hill this afternoon to go to the vet. We passed at least five convoys, one with fifteen cars...... It seems...

(25) Small Fish

I am making bread again. We have a kitten. There is ingrained earth under my fingernails. I drive my girl to the bus at twenty to seven...

(23) No Place Like Home

Country roads, take me home, I hummed to John Denver. Home is where the heart is, Pliny retorted. I am homeward bound, Paul Simon wished....

(22) Letter to Katrina

My beautiful girl, You are a teenager now. It will seem a long time, forever, in fact, but it will come faster than you realise. You...

(21) Words

Words in papers, words in books Words on TV, words for crooks Words of comfort, words of peace Words to make the fighting cease Words to...

(20) Words, Music and Hot Flushes

I had several things on my mind this morning between 2:01 and 4:06 am. 1) It is nearly the weekend, so it doesn't matter that, yet...






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