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It's not complicated.

I love you Tim, but not as much as I love my girlfriend, my soon to be ex-husband and our daughter.

(34) An Unexpected Goodbye

Dear Margaret, This was to be the third of the August snippets, in which I would explain my piano piece for you. Life, however, or death,...

(33) Where Is Alex Mair?

Dear Tim, I don't imagine for one moment that you do know where Alex Mair is. (Or care, let's be honest.) I don't know how well you've...

(26) Passing Places

We took the kitten over the hill this afternoon to go to the vet. We passed at least five convoys, one with fifteen cars...... It seems...

(25) Small Fish

I am making bread again. We have a kitten. There is ingrained earth under my fingernails. I drive my girl to the bus at twenty to seven...

(23) No Place Like Home

Country roads, take me home, I hummed to John Denver. Home is where the heart is, Pliny retorted. I am homeward bound, Paul Simon wished....

(20) Words, Music and Hot Flushes

I had several things on my mind this morning between 2:01 and 4:06 am. 1) It is nearly the weekend, so it doesn't matter that, yet...

(18) Heart or Head

We have reached a place in the scheme of things where it is comfortable to all spend time together, Katrina, Ian, Isabelle and I. We can...

(17) Goodbye Margaret

I am glad that I visited Margaret on Boxing Day - it had been a while, and I had been putting it off. She died earlier this week. It is...

(16) Soar - A Goodbye

Last year began with two goodbyes. All goodbyes are sad, but some are more sad than others. Alasdair went missing from his fishing boat...

(15) Happy Birthday Katrina JOY

We arrived at Raigmore Hospital in Inverness at 3 in the morning, on the 22nd of December (2004), two hours after my waters announced it...

(12) A Dark Place

You took me to a dark place. I hear that you wondered would I still be with Ian if you hadn't have. You asked did I blame you. I am glad...

(11) Slide

Mike said to me, on the Camera Obscura trip, as he ran his hand down the Edinburgh News Steps' railings, that he couldn't help thinking...

(9) Read the label

Katrina said she thought it must be harder for someone with a bisexual partner, than someone with a heterosexual partner or a homosexual...





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