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It's not complicated.

I love you Tim, but not as much as I love my girlfriend, my soon to be ex-husband and our daughter.

(34) An Unexpected Goodbye

Dear Margaret, This was to be the third of the August snippets, in which I would explain my piano piece for you. Life, however, or death,...

(33) Where Is Alex Mair?

Dear Tim, I don't imagine for one moment that you do know where Alex Mair is. (Or care, let's be honest.) I don't know how well you've...

(32) - Dear Tim

You have no idea how much I am looking forward to this. The other 3058 fans in the Edinburgh Playhouse will be very happy to be there....

(28) Needlework

I wish that I could crochet. This beautiful girl is wearing and holding something crocheted by her dad. Isn't that somehow perfect? I...

(22) Letter to Katrina

My beautiful girl, You are a teenager now. It will seem a long time, forever, in fact, but it will come faster than you realise. You...

(20) Words, Music and Hot Flushes

I had several things on my mind this morning between 2:01 and 4:06 am. 1) It is nearly the weekend, so it doesn't matter that, yet...

(16) Soar - A Goodbye

Last year began with two goodbyes. All goodbyes are sad, but some are more sad than others. Alasdair went missing from his fishing boat...

(4) Notes to Katrina

I was rummaging around this bag of words for songs, staves, keys, accidentals (YOU were not that; you were so absolutely wanted, planned...

(1) Add A Catchy Title

I have spent much of my life thinking 'Oh this would make a good title for an autobiography (When I Was Taller)...... That would be a...





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