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Hmm..... What do I want to say? Maybe I should have answered that before thinking of a blog title ( I hummed and hawed for weeks about that) and choosing and arranging my front-of-blog photos (two hours - I like arranging).


I am not sure that there is anything in particular to say. I like to record things. I wrote a diary for over twenty years until I lost a whole year of it in a flood, while it was staying, briefly, in a box in my husband's brother's garage. I was sad and angry about that, it being a very important diary year, many months of which I had spent on a mini adventure, in France, with my husband and our one year old daughter. After that I vowed nope, no more diary, SO THERE.

I love my girlfriend. I love my husband. I love my daughter. I wasn't gay but now I am. I could talk about that. 

Dear Tim Minchin? You might well ask. I love him slightly, in a non stalky, casual way. I like his music, his thoughts on life and his hair.  I may mention him from time to time, in the same way that I might mention other loves - walking, music, mountains, water, Hugh (Laurie).

I have some anger. Maybe that will come out? Don't force me to write a song about you. I would like to think that I have learned from my mistakes. 

Wait and see.

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