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It's not complicated.

I love you Tim, but not as much as I love my girlfriend, my soon to be ex-husband and our daughter.

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(1) Add A Catchy Title

Updated: Apr 12, 2020

Don't be looking for any meaningful rest or held note signs. I'll leave that for the likes of Tim.

I have spent much of my life thinking 'Oh this would make a good title for an autobiography (When I Was Taller)...... That would be a good blues theme (I Set My Factory On Fire (and Now Am Blind))... This would work as a Poetry Anthology (Shouting At the Apple Tree) (I got this one from a very good friend, who said I could use it, if I ever wanted to).' But often when you need them, they are quite elusive.

I need a title for a piece of music. How do I go about catching one?

A very good thing which came from the fingers up to the diary, a whole year's worth lost as a result of flooding, is that my husband thought it was time to spend all our savings on a beautiful Yamaha Clavinova, compensation for the frustration. Like many people, I stopped lessons at Grade 8 a long time ago, and tend to play pieces that are around Grade 5-6. I LOVE pieces with arpeggios because they can sound harder than they are. I have always enjoyed playing, but until 8 months ago, never had tried writing a song for piano. I had written four teenage ones on the guitar (minor chords) about drinking, sex, death and psychotic behaviour, but these were not met with positive reactions from my family. It came as a surprise then, to be able to put notes together for the piano and actually turn them into something.

The first piece of music that I wrote, in December 2016, came at a time when we were holding our breath, awaiting the return of a much loved Applecross fisherman, Ali Macleod, from the sea. We knew whilst waiting, that he wasn't coming back. So far, I only have a tiny part of it. I resolve to finish it at some point.

I have just about finished writing a piece for my daughter. I need to work out the very end (the last note must be a very low F) and what to call it. What says 'My Beautiful Clever Boisterous Funny Philosophical Girl, I Love You With This Deep, Fierce Love.' ?

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